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BREAKING: Introducing the Affordably Priced Rolex Replica Watches At Just £425

As new-wave watch brands go, “Bamford” is on a roll. George Bamford is a well-known collector who – like so many enthusiasts – wanted to participate in the industry and not just patronise it. As if possessing a pair the size of watermelons, he braved the wrath of the rarely-forgiving Rolex by creating a cult for customised, mainly black-coated Submariners, GMTs and other watches from the Geneva maison. His Bamford Watch Department (BWD) Rolexes may not have been the first, but many connoisseurs deem them the best.

Because of his impeccable taste and an impish sense of humour, Bamford went beyond merely adding a black DLC finish. Among his more collectible pieces are Daytonas with “Paul Newman” dials in blue, and his unforgettable “Yellow Submarine” that paid homage to the Beatles’ animated classic.

Rolex Replica Watches.jpg

Earlier this year, Bamford decided to go legit, teaming up with Jean-Claude Biver who now supplies the customising king with “blank canvases” in the form of Zenith and TAG Heuer models from LVMH’s watch division. But such timepieces are the stuff of the deep-pocketed. Now, those with limited disposable income but a desire to sport a Bamford can join the club.

Just announced by BWD is a new range of watches called the Rolex Replica Watches . A precedent for the business model can be found in the “city” watches of Bulgari, which were loaned to customers while their timepieces were being serviced. As with Bulgari clients, Bamford’s were given temporary watches when their BWD pieces were submitted to the in-house service centre. Also repeating the Bulgari experience, Bamford’s customers “have become besotted and fallen in love with their temporary ‘service watch’ and have asked to purchase it.”(Blancpain Replica )

Bamford immediately saw the opportunity this presented. “The Rolex Replica Watches has evolved quite literally on my wrist. About two or three years ago, I decided to have what I called ‘a service watch’ to give to people while their watches were in our workshops. It wasn’t expensive but it was a benefit. I only gave out a couple and then everyone wanted them to keep, they didn’t want to give them back.



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