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Germans in profit from World Cup

Article Published: Thursday 30 November 2006

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Reuters is reporting that Germany's World Cup organising committee earned a net profit of 56.5 million euros ($75 million) and will hand the money to the football association (DFB) and professional league (DFL), the DFB said on Wednesday.

The DFB announced at a news conference that the World Cup organising committee had total earnings of 140 million euros from the tournament -- it turned over 40 million euros directly to world governing body FIFA and paid 44 million euros in taxes.

DFB president Theo Zwanziger said in Frankfurt that the 56.5 million earmarked for the DFB and DFL would be divided and the DFL would use its share for "measures that serve the public good".

"Otherwise we run the risk of losing that status," Zwanziger said. "The money is linked to community service projects. We cannot turn those funds over to an operating business. We're not a joint-stock company. We'll have to talk with the DFL."


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